Mike Ramy’s contributions to the field of professional Wildlife and Nature Photography are as numerous as they are diverse. The Atlanta area native has covered the Southeastern USA as an award-winning underwater videographer, scuba diver, documentary film maker and photographer producing informative imagery specifically created with an intense focus and compelling intent to educate and bring awareness to the monumental challenges the natural environment faces on a perpetual basis.

After decades of work in the film industry, Mike has migrated into the world of nature photography while also taking his personally owned business, Rock Art, Ltd (PrecisionEpoxy.com), to a pinnacle of excellence both nationally and internationally. Mike maintains a position of diligent insistence on achieving the best possible outcome of any challenge or pursuit he undertakes.

Currently, Mike is an active member of the Nature Photographers Network, the North American Nature Photography Association and a lifetime member of the Georgia Nature Photographer’s Association. Mike conducts photography tours and workshops throughout the southeast aboard his custom-built camera boat. His annual Tennessee River Sandhill Crane Tour and Florida Spring Break Tour are very popular with the avid nature photographer. Mike is an astute and knowledgeable guide and outdoors man with years of experience in these remote and incredibly beautiful locations.

Mike’s stunning imagery is eagerly accepted into many regional, national and international juried photography competitions where it places on the podium more often than not. His solo exhibition of ‘Nature’s Generosity’ has been exhibited in local and regional galleries over the past several years.

The dedication, focus, and loyal commitment of Mike’s devotion toward ecological and conservation concerns has inspired the creation of the Wilderness Photography Foundation (www.WPFus.org), whose purpose is to awaken a new generation of environmental conservationists.

His photography affords Mike the opportunity to convey the 'Art of Nature' towards educational pursuits.  The proceeds from the sale and use of his images and Guided River Tours are reinvested into conservational efforts. By connecting with the public through photography competitions, speaking engagements, solo gallery exhibitions and donations of his images to worthy causes, Mike helps to promote the awareness and preservation of Nature for future generations.

Julie Newsome