A little about MRamy Images

The purpose of my photography is to capture and express the beauty of Nature and Wildlife that has been a major influence in my life from childhood till today.
I am Mike Ramy from the Atlanta, Georgia area, since 1979, I have owned and operated Rock Art, Ltd. , a Georgia Corporation with two unique divisions that includes Mikie Productions and Precision Epoxy Products, see more at:



I have been an avid Outdoorsman, Naturalist, Scuba Diver and Award-Winning Photographer most of my life and enjoy nature with a passion. My childhood and teenage years were a great adventure as I spent all my summers, holidays and available weekends at my Grandfather’s ranch in Ocala, Florida on the Ocklawaha River or my Great Uncle’s farm in Fort Gaines, Georgia on the Chattahoochee River. These two locations offered nature, wildlife and river life at its best. The Natural World today is shrinking at an alarming rate. Many of the areas that I explored and enjoyed as a teenager and young adult in the 1960's and 1970's are no longer pristine natural environments that can be enjoyed.

I continue my outdoor adventures to this day with Photography and River Exploration aboard a custom designed boat I built for the types of waters my clients and I tour for research, scuba diving, photography, bird watching or to simply access unspoiled nature at its best. I have a working knowledge of most all the navigable Rivers and Lakes in the Southeastern United States. A great deal of effort, planning, expense and countless hours in the field goes into the capturing of the photos in my 'Nature Galleries'. My photography affords me the opportunity to convey the 'Art of Nature' towards conservational pursuits. The proceeds from the sale and use of my Images and my Guided River Tours are reinvested into my educational and conservational efforts. Thanks for taking the time to view my body of work and for purchasing my images for your own collection. Your contribution is helping to promote the awareness and preservation of Nature for future generations.

Mike Ramy