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Full knowledge of most waterways in the Southeast including

Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee,

South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky,

Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana


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Touring and Guide Services

Location Scouting

Special Thanks to Randy Johnson for taking and providing this image. Randy was on his first tour with me and brought along his good friends Jim Johns (right) and Pete Peterson (center). Randy was in the bow camera seat. This was by far one of my favorite tour groups as these three keep us smiling and laughing the entire three days that we hosted them.
Experienced Guide with Camera Boat for
Nature and Wildlife Photography, Research Projects,
Location Scouting and
Location Shooting for the Film Industry

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Mike Ramy
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Bow Camera Seat

Available for any Fresh Water Outings

Any Inland Waterway, Anytime, Anywhere


Scout II at Speed  

My current boat is a special 22 foot jet boat built by
SJX Jet Boats, Inc. in Orofino Idaho

Phone: (208) 476-9900
Fax: (208) 476-9956
E-mail: [email protected]

SJX Jet Boats are the most unique, high performance aluminum jet boats with an amazing
power-to-weight ratio, superb handling and unmatched shallow water capabilities.
SJK Jet Boats are designed with a purpose and hand built to perfection.

See more about SJX Jet Boats at:

SJX Promotional Video:


'Scout II' (pictured above) is a one of a kind, purposely designed and custom built boat for the waterways I most frequent. It is large enough to be very comfortable for up to four persons and gear for all day excursions and yet small enough to maneuver in extremely tight back water situations. It can easily handle moderate to heavy chop in open water (1 to 4 foot swells) and yet has no trouble motoring thru water as shallow as 2 inches. Scout's 21' 7'' hull was chosen from SJX Jet Boats because of it's all aluminum, all welded construction. It has a 'V' bow to help cut thru rough waves, a relatively flat bottom in the center (john boat style) for stability and shallow water capabilities and a 'Tunnel Hull' design in the rear one third. The tunnel hull design helps with top end speed which is 45 mph. It also allows for the pump intake to still have amble water flow through the tunnel even if the forward hull is resting on the bottom giving it the shallow water capabilities. The chosen motor is an extremely dependable 200 hp, 6 cylinder, 2 cycle, electric start Mercury Opti-Max inboard and with the primary and added secondary fuel tanks, we have a 150 mile range between gas stops. Scout has been lovingly customized with considerable thought and without sparing any detail or expense. She is meticulously maintained and stored in her own climate controlled garage and always ready for service. She is transported on SJX Hull Sub-Structure a modified custom designed trailer for Interstate Highway speeds and extremely easy one man loading and unloading capabilities at the most primitive of boat ramps.

All SJX Jet Boats, from their hunting and fishing models, search and rescue models to their military models are designed with a purpose and hand built to perfection. The all aluminum sub-structure, reinforcing components throughout and the 1/2 inch thick UHMW Teflon hull coating makes for an amazingly stable ride that can handle all types of obstacles that are found in the backwaters where the very best photo opportunities exist.

Additional custom items and aspects installed on Scout II:

  • GPS system with all fresh water rivers and lakes programmed in. It also has route memory, picks up and displays local tidal stations, chart plotter, lunar and solar times and tables and calculates, stores and displays 8 different aspects of trip times and distance for daily and overall periods.
  • VHF hard wire marine radio with GPS capabilities and 26 mile range provided by an 8 foot radio antenna. Radio also has auto distress that when engaged alerts the Coast Guard with our GPS coordinates and transmits continually automatically.
  • Sonar depth display unit / Fish Finder
  • Hand held VHF radio with 5 mile range for shore excursion party to stay in contact with boat
  • Duel battery system with isolator switch to keep batteries separate or to connect for both to be charged by the motor's alternator
  • Secondary fuel cell
  • Custom electrical wiring system and fuse box.
  • Dual bilge pump system to easily handle heavy rain and/or water brought on board by scuba divers and equipment
  • Reinforced bulkheads fore and aft
  • Helm lever controlled stomp grate that clears debris blocking the pump intake
  • Raised transom
  • Secondary 'Kicker' 9.9 hp Mercury motor for noiseless (stealth) propulsion.
  • Spare accessories and fuses with special tool box
  • Running lights that stow neatly out of the way during the day and quickly install for night running
  • Special bow mounted 4 million candle power remote controlled spot light. GoLight can rotate 360º around and 170º up and down and is controlled from the drivers seat. This gives Scout excellent night time capabilities should we find a photo opportunity that keeps us out past sunset.
  • Multi-directional bow mounted bar light with 6 million candle power
  • Lighted dash board for all gauges and instruments
  • Interior cockpit lighting throughout
  • Custom anchor for deep water and shallow water anchor pole system

Scout II on Trailer

  • Underwater video camera mount with easy access loading and unloading from in the boat or from in the water. The mount also allows for filming forward while underway.
  • Bow tripod mount to attach to fore deck for worry free use
  • Monopod with Gimbal mount attached to forward chair that swivels with seat as passenger rotates
  • Additional, removable raised seating fore and aft
  • Raised padded floor that always stays dry
  • Foam camouflage 'Sea-Deck' padding for cool, slip resistant, comfortable decks
  • Quick deploy Bimini Top for sun shade and protection from rain showers
  • Plus added left and right side canvas with zip out windows and rear canvas for full enclosure
  • Dry storage compartments
  • Scuba dive tank rack for 4 tanks and BCs
  • Swim Platform
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Walk through dashboard / windshield
  • Cup holders
  • Ice chest mount
  • Easy access Binocular (Field Glasses) mount
  • Multiple plug in power ports for 12 volt and USB devices and chargers
  • Quick access mounts for boat hook pole, anchor poles and dive flag pole
  • Added custom cleats and tie down eyelets
  • All required and approved US Coast Guard safety gear

Scout II at SJX Factory

I'm sure the above list missed a few more items that were added during the fabrication and customizing of Scout to suit the needs for comfortable and reliable Photography and Filming Expeditions however, as you can see, she is a very special piece of equipment for time spent on the water.

Scout II Canvas

Note: All excursions into nature either on foot, by off road vehicle or by boat can have some degree of danger or risk involved. My excursions are as safe as possible in order to protect my companion, myself and my equipment. We will proceed at a pace that is comfortable and safe for you and within your limits and/or the limits of my equipment for a particular situation. Anyone that travels with me however, does so at their on risk and is ultimately responsible for their own safety and for remaining within their own individual limitations.

Scout II Helm



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2019 was an upgrade to the new Ford Transit Van for towing the SJX Jet Boat


Enjoy the Sights, Sounds and Music as you are along for the ride
in the SJX Jet Boat on a real time speed run
down the Ocklawaha River in Florida 


Ocklawaha River RunOcklawaha River Run
SJX Jet Boat 2020

Best viewed full screen in HD (1080p) setting