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2002 through early 2019


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Honored to be asked to join this exhibition for a fine cause at a wonderful facility.

I have eight works on display along with other works from a diverse group of talented artist.

Don't miss this show and the chance to tour this heavenly slice of nature in Clayton County.


Newman Wetland Center 2019





I was invited to exhibit three works at the Bowen Center for the Arts in

Dawsonville Georgia to represent photography in this mixed media exhibit.


Bowen Member Show 2019Bowen Member Show 2019





Pleased to announce that 3 of my 5 works entered into this

Prestigious Juried Photography Competition

were invited for exhibition

* * * * *

The Booth Museum

Winter Photography Show 2019

Presented By

The Booth Photography Guild

At The

DG ImageDG Image

Show Dates: JANUARY 22 - MAY 1, 2019

Opening Reception: January 26, 2019

4:00 to 7:00 pm

DG PictureDG Picture  
Downtown Gallery

13 Wall Street

Cartersville, Georgia 30120




Hours of Operation: Tuesday thru Saturday

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

* * * * *

I had a 'Podium Finish' at the Booth Museum Winter Photography Show. The winners were announced Saturday evening at the Opening Reception. It was a real honor to be invited to this prestigious competition and to place third with over 50 works entered by so many amazing photographers is very humbling indeed.

Booth 2019 ShowBooth 2019 Show

To see and/or purchase any of my three works at this exhibit

Click on the links below

1) 'Landing Party'

2) 'Golden Vista'

3) 'Arrival'





Pleased to announce the opening of

Held over by Popular Demand

Exhibition runs through

September 16th 2018


MRamy Images'

Full Gallery Exhibition of


'Nature's Generosity'

August 4th thru 30th, 2018


UnCorked on Main

129 Main Street

Villa Rica, Georgia 30180

(678) 941-3699



UnCorked on Main

is a wine and craft beer boutique in the heart of West Georgia.

UnCorked features local wines and regional craft brews.

77 Works on Display

The following is an article published in the 'Community' section of the

Douglas County Sentinel Newspaper about this Exhibit


Sentinal ArticleSentinal Article




Stunning. Captivating. Intense.

Author - Julie Newsome


Solo Exhibition Saturday, August 4 – Thursday, August 30, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION on Saturday, August 4th from 6:00-8:00 pm

UnCorked on Main, 129 Main Street, Villa Rica, GA 30180


Wildlife and Nature Photographer Mike Ramy; when surrounded by the images he has captured, you are instantly engaged in an up close and personal relationship with the exquisite detail and compositional skills of this master artist. Not bound by the professional biologist’s mandate of identification and documentation, his photographs freely focus on the unique expression, composition and movement of these subjects. Mike displays his acute sense of lighting, environment and placement in every picture his camera frames.

Residing in Douglasville, Mike is actively involved with Sweetwater Camera Club (SCC) as well as Georgia Nature Photographer’s Association (GNPA), North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) and Nature Photographer’s Network (NPN). His work has been invited into numerous juried art competitions, consistently winning awards from several prestigious galleries such as The Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth, GA, The Bowen Center for the Arts in Dawsonville, GA, and locally at The Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County. Mike’s images have also won awards and recognition on a National and International level.

It becomes apparent that he is intrigued by an innate curiosity when it involves the beauty and inherent wonder of the natural world. Each animal or scene Mike clicks in his view finder goes through a discriminating critique, and only after every aspect of a shot has been processed with a standard of excellence in mind does it receive his signature of approval. Mike conveys a deep personal love and appreciation for nature and the environment. His ‘NATURE’S GENEROSITY’ solo exhibition of over 70 works is a testament to the dedicated focus and devotion he has for sharing his awe and amazement of what remains out in the wild for all of us to enjoy, learn from and to help preserve for future generations.

Mike’s commitment to both environment and conservation advocacy and education is obvious in his active participation through various photographic contributions for such venues as The Peace River Wildlife Center of Punta Gorda, FL, a wildlife rehabilitation center established in 1982. Operation Migration out of Green Lake, WI, established to re-introduce the eastern migratory route for the almost extinct Whooping Crane population. The St. Johns Riverkeeper in Jacksonville, FL, an independent voice that defends, advocates and activates others to protect and restore the St. Johns River and connecting waterways in Florida. The South Carolina Picture Project "SCIWAY", an internet information highway via a website for the state which is the most comprehensive directory for South Carolina’s Department of Tourism.

Mike is in his best form out in the field, in or on the water especially along the rivers, lakes and various waterways in the Southeastern USA. He is an avid naturalist, outdoorsman as well as a discerning guide for both novice and professional photographers alike. Mike conducts an annual Spring Break Photography Tour through the Lake George and St. Johns River tributaries throughout the Ocala National Forest, offering access to unpopulated and unspoiled wilderness areas in his custom designed jet boat capable of getting into remote locations where the most pristine wildlife photo opportunities exist.

Come and meet Mike and his incredible showcase, ‘NATURE’S GENEROSITY’. Working extensively with local master picture framer Mawani at Picture Frame Depot in Mableton, you’ll view a collaborative contribution at its best! We know you’ll like what you see!

See more of Mike’s work at www.MikieProductions.com or www.MikeRamy.com

Please join Mike and friends at the OPENING RECEPTION on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at UnCorked on Main in their beautiful gallery from 6pm-8pm.







The Bowen Center for the Arts

Dawsonville Georgia



Bowen_Critters Show-2Bowen_Critters Show-2


The photograph invited to this exhibition was,

‘California Quail’

Click on the image above for larger viewing and information on how to

purchase a signed print of any size and style for your own gallery.


On June 12th 2018 I received the following email from
the Bowen Center for the Arts
regarding this juried art show competition:

Your work "California Quail" won second place in our Critters Art Show!
The Judge, Harriet Dye from Atlanta, pointed out how beautifully done the image and background were and how the frame was the finishing touch.
I will forward your award check post haste.
Thanks for being in our show.
(sorry for the late notice, but too many events going on here)
Art Starts Here

Ginny Greenwood
Executive Director
Bowen Center for the Arts





The Bowen Center for the Arts

Dawsonville Georgia


Appalachian Mountain Treasures Photo Show


The Bowen Center for the Arts announces its Call to Photographers for their Appalachian Mountain Treasures Photo Show to exhibit March 3 through April 13, 2018. This show is also being hosted with Georgia ForestWatch and The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club.

This juried event will attract photographers from the Southeast to compete for the over $3,500 in prizes and awards. Sponsors for this event include The Dobbs Fund, North Georgia Community Foundation, The Wilderness Society, Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Len Foote Hike Inn and Patagonia.

The theme is the Southern Appalachian Mountain Forests such as regional National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photos may also include adjacent mountain communities. National Forest for consideration include: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests; Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests; Cherokee National Forest; Andrew Pickens District of the Sumter National Forest; Talladega and Bankhead National Forests; George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

I was happy to be notified that all five of my images entered into this prestigious competition were invited to the exhibition.


The following images will be apart of this show:

1) ‘Broken Bridges’

Nantahala National Forest

2) ‘Blue Winged Teal’

Sumter National Forest

3) ‘Lady’s Man’

Chattahoochee National Forest

4) ‘Night Owl’

Great Smoky Mountains

5) ‘Southern Side’

Great Smoky Mountains


Click on any of the image titles above for larger viewing and

information on how to purchase a signed print

of any size and style for your own gallery.


Click here for more information about

The Bowen Center for the Arts





GuRu Shots Competition
"Your Favorite Animals"

November 27, 2017

With 7,247 photographers from around the world entered, I placed 2nd overall behind the Top Photographer Winner - Tamas Bakos from Hungary. Tamas received the most votes for his 4 image set in this competition.
Not to be outdone however, one of my 4 images was the Top Photo Winner with the most votes overall for a single composition.
Check it out by clicking on the link below - once opened and you check out that page, click on 'RANK' in the header and when that opens, click on 'TOP PHOTO' in the header to see some of the really amazing images that were in this competition - it is well worth your time to check it out . . .

Click HERE to purchase a print of this Award Winning image




South Carolina Picture Project


When I was first approached by the fine folks at the South Carolina Picture Project asking to use some of my images I was honored. This is a very interesting project and nicely assembled by a highly dedicated and professional group of individuals that presents South Carolina to a world wide audience via the Internet. The overall project is called SCIWAY, pronounced "sky-way," SCIWAY is an acronym for the South Carolina Information Highway. It's also the name of the website, which is the largest and most comprehensive directory of South Carolina information on the Internet. Most of the 4,000,000 people who visit SCIWAY each year either live in South Carolina, want to move here or plan a vacation here.

You can see my first published image that is apart of this project here -





Click HERE to purchase a print of this image





Peace River Wildlife Center
Punta Gorda Florida


On a recent photography trip to southwest Florida on the Peace River and the Myakka River out of Port Charlotte, I was fortunate enough to get an invitation for a private tour of a local wildlife rehabilitation center established in 1982, funded solely by Grants and Donations. PRWC is operated by a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers who are making a big difference with their many success stories in the area towards wildlife preservation.

This is Luna, a male Leucistic Screech Owl now living at the Peace River Wildlife Center in Punta Gorda, Florida. Screech owls are typically gray or reddish brown, however, this little guy is white. He’s not albino but has leucism which is a genetic mutation preventing melanin pigment in the bird’s feathers.

Luna was found as a fledgling by a hiker near the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center in Southwest Florida. PWRC attempted to return him to his nest but could not locate one. Because of the owl’s leucism, he most likely would not find a mate and won’t survive in a natural habitat because he has no camouflaging capabilities. This full grown adult male stands 6 inches tall and weighs in at just under 6 ounces.
After my visit, I sent this image along with a couple more I captured that day and a thank-you note for their hospitality to the center. Two days later, I was contacted by Callie Stahl, Executive Director of the Peace River Wildlife Center and asked if I would give them permission to use the images for a planned new brochure, marketing purposes, new web-site under construction and as prints for sale in the gift shop. Of course I was more than delighted to help out for such a worthy cause and also volunteered to provide more pictures and set-up gallery showings to help with future fund raiser events when I am available.
More about the Peace River Wildlife Center at their current web-site -


In addition, I have partnered with Callie and the PRWC to submit a proposal before this year's 10/31/16 deadline for the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Foundation's Philip Hyde Environmental Grant on behalf of the PRWC to see if they can be this year's recipient, never know unless you try. See more about the Grant here -


It's not a lot of money but every little bit helps. Together Callie and I meet all the criteria for this Grant to be awarded 3/3/17 at the NANPA Convention in Jacksonville Florida. If awarded, the Funds as well as the Publicity will go a long way to help with their upcoming move to their new facility.


Click HERE to read a pdf version the 2016 NANPA Foundation Grant Application

for the Peace River Wildlife Center Project

Note: This pdf download may take a minute

See the Peace River Wildlife Center Gallery - HERE

All sales from this Gallery will have 100% of the proceeds donated to the Peace River Wildlife Center





Operation Migration

I was fortunate enough to be asked to cover the lay-over for stop 20 of 23 during the 2015/16 migration in my Mother's home town of Ft Gaines Georgia by the local newspaper - The Southern Tribune in Cuthbert Georgia. The 3 day trip down south turned into 10 days to cover the story due to weather related delays and meetings that took key members of Operation Migration back to Wisconsin for several days. It was quite an experience as I got to be involved with all the members and the project as a whole way beyond what I expected to the point of making some endearing friendships. The story also took an unexpected turn, after 15 years, it was announced on Friday 1/22/16 that the plug was pulled on the ultralight guided migration part of the program so I was not only covering this years migration, but the last of the migrations as well.

See HERE for further information and to read the article I submitted that was published in the 1/28/16 issue of the newspaper.







Douglas County Cultural Arts Center


SCC Group Exhibit 2016SCC Group Exhibit 2016


October 6 till November 17, 2016
The exhibit will have 74 works on display from the very talented members of the

Sweetwater Camera Club

Open to the public - everyone is invited to enjoy this Inspiring Exhibition
For location information visit the Cultural Arts Center web-site - HERE

* * * *

Three works from the galleries of MRamy Images will be part of this exhibit,

1) 'Tug'n by the Moon'
Digital Art

2) 'Time for Myself'
Digital Art

3) 'Blue Winged Teal'
Wildlife Photography

All three works are beautifully framed and available for sale at the gallery,
 part of all sale proceeds goes to and helps benefit the Cultural Arts Center.

* * * * *

The Sweetwater Camera Club is a Douglasville Georgia based group of photo enthusiasts founded in 1988. They host a wide variety of interesting, motivating, and educational monthly lectures, contests, critiques, field trips, workshops and exhibitions throughout the year. The purpose of the Sweetwater Camera Club is to share and promote photography for the visual education, enjoyment and recreation of all members.
For additional information or to become a member visit the Sweetwater Camera Club web-site at:







July 14, 2016
The Sweetwater Camera Club
Douglasville Georgia

Presents a Special Presentation

'The Why and How of having Your Own Photography Web-Site'
Mike Ramy of Mikie Productions

Mike will share his ideas and experiences for taking your passion to the next level

'The Why and How of having Your Own Photography Web-Site'
Domain Name - to Web Host - to Design - to Promotion - to Selling,

See how it is done as we navigate through the process on

The award winning photography Web Host that sets the standard in performance, options and service

Zenfolio web page for Domain Name inquiries at:

Network Solutions web page for Domain Name inquiries at:

Special for SCC Members, receive a 10% discount when you set-up your Web-site with Zenfolio
Use discount code 
ZB9-695-W6T  when prompted during account set-up

A Gallery of Selected Works from Mike will also be Available for Viewing

Print a PDF File version of this Program - HERE





The NPN 2015 Editor's Pick Awards

Represents the 'Best of the Best' in Nature Photography

Only three images in each of the ten categories are selected from thousands submitted world wide each year to the Nature Photographers Network for this prestigious annual competition. The winning images have to compete and win in several preliminary stages to even be eligible for the ‘Pick of the Year Award’

The image selected 1st Place in the
Environmental Photojournalism Gallery

from the Galleries of MRamy Images was

‘Caught in a Trap’

Additional information available at the
Nature Photographers Network
2015 Editor's Pick Awards - HERE





'The Art of Nature Photography from a Hobby to a Business’

Mike will share his ideas and experiences for taking your passion to the next level in this two part presentation that will include

'The Nature Photographers Network - The Power of the Critique'
The Nature Photographers Network
An international cooperative network of amateur and professional photographers dedicated to the art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography.

'The Why and How of having your own Photography Web-Site'
Domain Name - to Web Host - to Design - to Promotion - to Selling,
See how it is done as we navigate through the process on

The award winning photography web hosting site that sets the standard in performance, options and service.

More information here at the GNPA web-site

A Gallery of Selected Works will also be available for viewing at the meeting.

Click here to print a PDF file of this Program and Links





Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County, Inc.
8652 Campbellton Street
Douglasville, GA 30133
(770) 949-2787


Click Here for the Douglas County Arts Center Web-Site

Dear Mike,

Congratulations! Our Gallery Committee has selected the following work(s) in the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County’s 2015 National Open Visual Arts Show (NOVAS): 

Selected Works for this Competition on display from the Galleries of MRamy Images are:

'Grandma's Vine'

'Southern Side'

Exhibition dates are August 30 - September 30, 2015














South Cobb Arts Alliance
5239 Floyd Road
Mableton, Georgia 30126
(770) 819-3285


Click Here for the SCAA Web-Site


Selected entry from the

'Critters and Bugs Gallery'
of MRamy Images was:


'Landing Party'











Photography Exhibit
December 1st - 31st, 2014


Dog River Public Library
6100 Highway 5
Douglasville, GA 30135


Sponsored by:
Sweetwater Camera Club
Douglas County Arts Council


You are invited to experience this annual event and view 60 inspirational images from 25 leading photographers that will fill the galleries of the Dog River Public Library during the month of December.

Opening Reception is Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

Selected Works on display from the Galleries of MRamy Images are:

'Curious Cardinal'

'ReelFoot Lake'





The Hudgens Center for the Arts
6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Building 300
Duluth, GA 30097


Click Here for the Hudgens Web-Site


The Hudgens 3rd Annual Juried Member's Exhibition

RECEPTION - THURSDAY, Oct 30th, 2014 - 6-8 pm
Artwork Exhibition for this competition will be on display
in the Georgia Gallery from
October 9, 2014 through January 7, 2015
Thanks so much for submitting your work to The 3rd Annual Hudgens Juried Member’s Exhibition.  Our juror, Elizabeth Peterson, reviewed the 74 pieces of artwork submitted by 40 artists.  There were 30 pieces selected for inclusion in The 3rd Annual Juried Member’s Exhibition in the Georgia Gallery.  We were thrilled with the quality of the submitted works and honored to be able to host this exciting exhibition of our member’s artwork. 
Elizabeth H. Peterson the Director of the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art served as this year's juror. Peterson earned her undergraduate degree at Wells College and a Master of Science, with a concentration in both art history and conservation, from Pratt Institute.  
Ms. Peterson will be making remarks and announcing awards at the reception this Thursday.  This event is Free and open to the public.
The selected entry from the 'Floral Gallery' of MRamy Images was:



Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County, Inc.
8652 Campbellton Street
Douglasville, GA 30133
(770) 949-2787


Click Here for the Douglas County Arts Center Web-Site

Dear Mike,

Congratulations! Our Gallery Committee has selected the following work(s) in the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County’s 2014 National Open Visual Arts Show (NOVAS): 

Selected Works for this Competition on display from the Galleries of MRamy Images are:

'Flying with Sunflowers'

'Night Owl'

We think this year’s show will be a fascinating exhibition – and one you should be very proud to be participating in. In total, 44 artists submitted nearly 130 works so the judges had some very challenging decisions to make.

Exhibition dates are November 9 - 26, 2014

















Videography Awards:

Winner at the 2002 'Communicator Awards' Video Competition for :

"Florida Keys Lobster Mini Season 2001" \ Category: Documentary

Winner at the 2003 'Videographer Awards' for :

"Brian and Mandie Holmes - Wedding Story" \ Category: Weddings / Overall Production

Winner at the 24th annual 2003 'Telly Awards' for :

"Manatee Adventure" \ Category: Documentary / Travel - Tourism

Winner at the 2004 'Videographer Awards' for :

"Jessica and Bryan Fisher - Wedding Story" \ Category: Weddings / Overall Production

Winner at the 2004 'Videographer Awards' for :

"Toni and Marc Hannah - Wedding Story" \ Category: Events / Creativity / Use of Music

Winner at the 2006 'Videographer Awards' for :

"Mary and Adam Sanders - Wedding Story" \ Category: Special Events / Overall Production

Winner at the 2007 'Ava Awards' for :

"Heather and J D Wall - Wedding Story" \ Category: Special Events / Wedding / Overall Production

Winner at the 2009 'Ava Awards' for :

"Model Railroading with Jay Cain" \ Category: Video / Film - Informational

Videography Equipment and Awards