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Operation Migration
I was fortunate enough to be asked to cover the lay-over for stop 20 of 23 during the 2015/16 migration in my Mother's home town of Ft Gaines Georgia by the local newspaper - The Southern Tribune in Cuthbert Georgia. The 3 day trip down south turned into 10 days to cover the story due to weather related delays and meetings that took key members of Operation Migration back to Wisconsin for several days. It was quite an experience as I got to be involved with all the members and the project as a whole way beyond what I expected to the point of making some endearing friendships. The story also took an unexpected turn, after 15 years, it was announced on Friday 1/22/16 that the plug was pulled on the ultralight guided migration part of the program so I was not only covering this years migration, but the last of the migrations as well.
See HERE for further information and to read the article I submitted that was published in the 1/28/16 issue of the newspaper.
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